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Jason Anderson

"I am by trade a teacher trainer, English language teacher and ELT author.  I spent two years living and working in Eritrea for the Ministry of Education training teachers in the Adi Keih Sub Zoba, supported by VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) from 2007-2009 and had a fantastic time there.  I am also an amateur, albeit very dedicated, birdwatcher, with a passion for creating websites as well.  I originally began this website to spread the word about Eritrea's wonderful birdwatching, in the hope of bringing more tourists to a country full of wonderful people who could benefit from the development of the tourist industry here.  As the project grew, I enlisted the help of Solomon and Dawit who have enabled the website to grow to what it is now, through contributing their knowledge, experience and photos, to make it an Eritrean website.  If you are planning a birding trip to Eritrea, feel free to drop me an email and I'll help in any way I can.  Good birding!"

Email address:                 


Solomon Abraha 

"I am a travel agent by trade, based in Asmara.  You can find some of my photos on the Photos page, but I've also uploaded a lot to the African Bird Image Database.  I have all the know-how to help you get the most of a birdwatching trip to Eritrea.  Contact me if you are planning to come.  Parlo Italiano."

Work address: Travel House International, No 5, 175-5 Street, PO Box 5579, Asmara. 

Telephone numbers: 201881; 201882; 201883 (all in Asmara)

Email address: 

Follow me and my latest bird news on Twitter: @solomonasmara


Dawit Berhane 

"I am one of Eritrea's most experienced naturalists. I love all animals and have also studied primates and reptiles in Eritrea.  I am an experienced guide; during my work as guide and field assistant for several international scientific and tourist projects, I was able to locate several interesting sites to watch bird and other wildlife.  Additionally, I have an extensive collection of bird photos.  I have several years of experience in organizing and guiding trips within the country and I am looking forward to welcoming interested people to show them the interesting diversity of Eritrean landscape, wildlife and the Abyssinian endemic birds, which contribute to an understanding of Eritrea's austere beauty.  If you have any questions about the birds and wild animals of Eritrea, drop me an
email, and I'll be happy to reply."

Email address:

Address: PO Box 5368 Asmara, Eritrea

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