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Bird Life International - Important Bird Areas of Eritrea 

These pages all give very useful coordinates, information about habitat and some of the uncommon and endangered species in different parts of Eritrea.  However, they draw on information that is at times out of date and at times inaccurate, being based on unconfirmed data.

Arborea Escarpment ER008 Mareb Escarpment ER012
Asmara Escarpment ER007 Massawa Coast ER005
Central Plateau, Keren ER004 Semenawi Bahri (Filfil Rainforest)  ER003
Danakil Lowlands ER014 Senafe ER013
Dehalak Archipelago and offshore islands  ER002 Southern Plateau: Furrus ER011
Ghinda ER006 Western Plain: Barka River ER001
Gulf of Zula ER009 Western Plain: Gash Setit ER010


@solomonasmara - Solomon Abraha's twitter site, with news of his latest bird sightings and links to photos


The Fat Birder - introduction to Eritrea from one of the best birding websites in the world


African Bird Club - detailed accurate information about Eritrea as a birdwatching destination 


Birdingpal - birdwatching contacts for Eritrea


Travelling Birder - Trip reports of birdwatchers who have visited Eritrea


Avibase - Eritrea Checklist (with names also in Italian - Uccelli di Eritrea)



Websites about Eritrea


Lonely Planet - Eritrea Page


Travel Adventure - Personal account of a trip to Eritrea


Eritrea by Wikipedia - Very detailed with lots of useful links about Eritrea


World on Communication - Watch videos of life and people in Eritrea, and take a tour in one of the towns in Eritrea.  Italian website, but also with pages and subtitles in English.



Travelling to Eritrea


Travel House - Eritrea's best travel agency


Lufthansa fly to Eritrea from Europe


EgyptAir fly to Eritrea from Europe


Albergo Italia  - One of Asmara's best hotels; possible to book online



Books on Amazon


Birds of the Horn of Africa - by Redman, Stevenson and Fanshawe


Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea: An Atlas of Distribution - by Ash and Atkins


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