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Dawit Berhane: Bird guide, naturalist, for those interested in wildflowers and guide for hiking, trekking, etc.

"I am Eritrea's most experienced, all-round naturalist with a love for all animals and plants in Eritrea. I am an experienced guide, having worked both for international scientific and tourist projects. Birdwatching is good all year round, although perhaps best in spring and autumn when migration is in full swing. Wildflowers can be observed for 8 months from early August until December in the highlands and from January until mid-April at lower elevations e.g. at Semenawi Bahri and in coastal areas including islands."


Euphorbia scrub near Mealawia, south west of Adi Keih

Hiking, trekking and walking trips around Asmara

Please contact Dawit to organise personalised trips to the country for any wildlife observation, including half-day, full day or several days excursion. Dawit can organise itineraries according to budget. He aims to offer the best services to suit your travel requirements. Tours can be provided to different areas of historical interest. The fascinating landscape can also be enjoyed both from vehicles and during hiking or trekking activities. Tours for 2, 3, 4, 5 hours or for a full day’s travel, up to 30km in various directions. The length and difficulty can be tailored to your personal needs. Dawit also has a great offer for backpacker travellers!! In the safe hands of experienced guide, Dawit Berhane you are assured of a magical experience.


Contact Dawit:

Email address:

Address: PO Box 5368 Asmara, Eritrea

Mobile tel: 291 7 25 42 30


Solomon Abraha

"I am a travel agent by trade, based in Asmara.  You can find some of my photos on the Photos page, but I've also uploaded a lot to the African Bird Image Database.  I have all the know-how to help you get the most of a birdwatching trip to Eritrea.  Contact me if you are planning to come.  Parlo Italiano."

Work address: Travel House International, No 5, 175-5 Street, PO Box 5579, Asmara. 

Telephone numbers: 201881; 201882; 201883 (all in Asmara)

Email address: 

Follow me and my latest bird news on Twitter: @solomonasmara

Jason Anderson 

"I am by trade a teacher educator and researcher who spent two years living and working in Eritrea for the Ministry of Education from 2007-2009. I am also an amateur birdwatcher. If you are planning a birding trip to Eritrea, I can recommend the services of Dawit and Solomon as reliable colleagues and trusted friends. Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to visit the country and have any questions!"

Website: Jason Anderson Educational Consultant

Email address: jasonanderson1*
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