TEAMWORK by Jason Anderson

“A great way to combine social interaction and real communication in the classroom.” 

.    Published by DELTA Publishing.  Click here to visit their website.

TEAMWORK is a photocopiable teacher’s resource book designed around the concept of team interaction.  Peer communication is inspired through 20 entertaining and original units that make learning English a pleasurable and social experience. 

 Unit titles include Room 101, Survivor, Raining Cats and Dogs and Dreams Can Come True.  Contemporary themes and ideas are exploited through jigsaw communication, task-based learning, role-play and collaborative projects to ensure that students will be both challenged and entertained by TEAMWORK. 

TEAMWORK has been carefully designed to be used by teachers of English all around the world.  It can be used with both adult groups and groups of 15+ younger learners from intermediate to advanced levels.  The book has been produced with 2 basic aims in mind: 

. To encourage group-based interaction between students

. To inspire extended speaking turns by students

The advantages of doing both of the above are likely to be self evident to many teachers of English.  As well as improving speaking fluency, developing communicative ability and fostering greater cooperation and rapport between students within the group, TEAMWORK also provides the teacher with a welcome supplement to any course syllabus, be it grammatically or lexically based.

"Nice teacher friendly material, with lots of good ideas for communicative activities."

Judges comments, British Council Innovations Awards Committee 2005.  Teamwork was shortlisted for the British Council Innovations Awards 2005.

Activity length ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour, and suggestions for adaptation of the material are provided where necessary.  Each unit has been designed to provide real interest, enjoyment and challenge for the students, while at the same time accomplishing legitimate learning aims, encouraging the students to practice a range of language structures common to syllabi at intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels and to focus on a comprehensive range of useful topic areas.

Each unit has a supplementary activity, designed to extend the theme of the lesson creatively, providing the teacher with material that can be used immediately after the main activity, or at a later date to facilitate revision and reinforcement of the language learnt.  The teacher’s notes are laid out on the first page of each unit, and provide clear instructions, all the necessary answers, additional notes, tips and suggestions – ensuring that the minimum of preparation leads to a successful, memorable lesson.

From the author...

"Teamwork is the first of 2 publications I have written.  Role Plays for Today is the second.  Click here to find out more about it.  If you have any feedback on the book, or suggestions for future ideas, please contact me using the email address below.  I have also created a practical resource for teachers of English language pronunciation called 'Pronunciation Learning Cards'.  Click here to find out more about them."

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