From the introduction...

"Role play activities have been a part of language teaching for many years.  They are popular with teachers and students alike for several important reasons:

  • They provide the spoken language practice that is vital for all language learning 

  • They provide us with the opportunity to take our students out of the classroom for a ‘test run’ of real world language use

  • They allow students to become someone else for part of the lesson, and thereby to leave behind their inhibitions and worries

  • They involve an element of play that provides an enjoyable contrast to the coursebook exercises and helps to develop rapport between students"

Role Plays for Today by Jason Anderson

Photocopiable, ready-to-go role plays to use in the English language classroom for teachers who want to get students speaking

Published by DELTA Publishing.  Click here to visit their website.


40 role plays, all with detailed teacher’s notes and role play cards ready to use


Guaranteed to get students speaking in natural, real world contexts

ž Suitable for EFL and ESOL classrooms, with adults and younger learners
ž Target Language boxes on all of the role play cards provide students with a convenient selection of key expressions and functional language appropriate to the role play
ž All the ‘classic’ classroom role plays are included, such as the Job Interview, Visiting the Doctor, the Clothes Shop and the Restaurant - with plenty of creative ideas thrown in!

Lots of new role play ideas and contexts, such as Enrolling at a Gym, Breaking Bad News, TV Chat Show, Internet Café, University Interview and Passport Control

ž Covers both transactional and interactional uses of language, ranging from shopping, services & work to social life and creative role plays
ž Lead In and Follow Up suggestions with each role play to provide a fully rounded lesson

Clear guidelines and suggestions for adaptation to different class sizes, lesson lengths and learning environments

ž Grammar, functional language and vocabulary areas for each role play clearly indicated in the teacher’s notes, in the detailed contents and in quick reference indexes at the back of the book.
Role Plays for Today provides teachers with an instant resource of all the role play activities they will ever need on a day-to-day basis.  It provides students with enjoyable speaking practice activities in up-to-date contexts they can relate to.

From the author...

"Teamwork is the first of 2 publications I have written.  Role Plays for Today is the second.  Click here to find out more about it.  If you have any feedback on the book, or suggestions for future ideas, please contact me using the email address below.  I have also created a practical resource for teachers of English language pronunciation called 'Pronunciation Learning Cards'.  Click here to find out more about them."

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